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High-End Purse Cleaning

Our designer handbag technicians are experts at cleaning expensive handbags; from ink and gum removal and colour restoration, to stain proofing & odour elimination, we are industry leaders.

High-End Purse Repairs

Whether you have a ripped strap, a hole in the lining of a pocket, detached embellishments, zipper problems, or if you require contrast stitching, we’ll get your designer handbag back in shape!

Proud to be Canada's Best Purse Cleaners

Toronto’s #1 Designer Purse Cleaner

Here at Love Your Purse we professionally clean, repair and restore designer handbags, purses, clutch bags, briefcases, attaché's and all kinds of other designer items. The brands we regularly work on are names synonymous with class and style such as Prada, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade, Fendi, Christian Dior, Fossil, Roots, Kenneth Cole, Guess, Baby Phat and Juicy Couture, to name a few. Our polished and professional purse cleaning and purse restoration will make your investment last a lifetime.

Prada Purse Cleaning

designer name prada purse cleaningThe Prada handbag is pure style. Our extensive history of working with this brand allows us to effectively care for it when it becomes soiled or stained or damaged. We process 100's of Prada products each year and every one is a winner because we know how much you love your purse.

Chanel Purse Cleaning

designer name Chanel purse cleaningChanel signifies elegance as our cleaning service does as well. With our development of patent leather dyes and other in-house formulations we have mastered the art of cleaning your favorite Chanel handbag, shoes or hat with precision and accuracy because we know how much you love your Chanel purse.

Gucci Purse Cleaning

designer name gucci purse cleaningWe have mastered the art of cleaning your favorite Gucci handbag or hat. Our experience with this elegant brand has allowed us to properly restore it like new. We have successfully cleaned over 2,500 Gucci bags. Our relationship, over the years, with our customers is a trusting one because we know how much you love your purse.

Louis Vuitton Purse Cleaning

designer name louis vuitton purse cleaningLouis Vuitton is a brand with distinction as we are. Our vast knowledge of this product has given us the advantage to properly care for it so it can last a lifetime because we know how much you love your purse.

Coach Purse Cleaning

designer name Coach purse cleaningThe Coach designer name is a brand that has captured the imagination of the world. Our immaculate handbag & purse cleaning service was developed with Coach in mind. To date we have successfully cleaned and restored over 25,000 Coach bags. We lead the industry in cleaning and restoration because we know how much you love your purse.

Alexander McQueen Handbag Cleaning

Alexander McQueen purse cleaningHaving won four British designer of the year awards, Alexander McQueen is one of the few handbag design geniuses that we truly admire and who's handbags we love working on. At Love your Purse we are experienced and confident at restoring worn out, dirty and damaged Alexander McQueen handbags. Simply bring your Alexander McQueen bag to our cleaning factory in Toronto or ship it to us for professional, safe and trusted purse cleaning and restoration.

Designer Handbag Cleaning & Repair Videos

Through a series of videos, experts at Love Your Purse will show you how we clean and repair handbags. Please stay tuned for more designer handbag cleaning and repair videos. If you like what we are doing and want to see more videos please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

Customer Testimonials

  • Second time now that I have used their services. I had my vintage gucci bag that was falling apart rebuilt and the end product looked amazing. Thank you!!

    Jennefer Sargent, 06 February 2019, Waterloo

  • I am extremely pleased with their repairs, customer service and delivery. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to refurbish their purse.

    Kathy, 04 February 2019, North York

  • “ I went to Love Your Purse becuase there was a nasty spill on a purse strap made by Fendi. A friend recommended this place to me but I had very little hope as Fendi stated they were not able to offer cleaning services... customer service also suggested that I purchase another strap to replace it 😳. This was really disappointing ... so needless to say I was not happy... When I first walked into Love Your Purse I had some hope. It looked like the “real deal” I felt even better when the owner himself came to look at the strap. He asked for my permission to try a few things to salvage the strap. Mind you this strap stunk like food, the material color was altered, the direction of the fibers were off etc. He did not give me false hope but he did seem eager to fix it. He came out and explained to me what he did and I could not believe it. The smell was gone, and he was able to restore it! I don’t know how he did it but I was so speechless. He was such a kind person ... and did not even charge me an arm and a leg for the fix. In fact I really believe that he was just happy to be able to restore something that bad! He also saw how upset I was about this whole ordeal and he felt like he just wanted to make it right for me... (not that he had to - but becuase he knew if anyone could do this - he could) I love finding these hidden gems in the city. This is somewhere I will definitely send any of my designer pieces to. I have true comfort in knowing that I can actually walk into a place like this and have my purses, coats, scarves etc looked after properly. Hands down this is 5 ⭐️”

    − Deborah, 12 December 2018 , Toronto

  • “ My purse just got delivered today! I had the straps replaced and the end product looked amazing. Thank you! ”

    − Jennefer Sargent, 14 November 2018, Waterloo

  • “ What a fantastic service this company provides. When the Louis Vuitton store refused to fix my handbag due to its condition, Love My Purse made it look brand new again! I highly recommend them for anything from basic cleaning to extensive repair, they can do anything! ”

    − Phylis, 20 July 2018, Vaughan

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