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Client Testimonials

Below you can read what some of our coustomers have to say about us and our cleaning and repair services.


We just got our brief case back today. You guys did a great job!! I will be recommending your company.
Thank you for your wonderful work

Elise, Toronto

17 June 2020

5 Stars

Kathy, just wanted to thank you for your amazing repair service. You were very speedy, and convenient with the pick up and drop off.
My husband is very happy with is briefcase.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Leica & John, Toronto

31 December 2019

5 Stars

I recieved my laggage!! it's perfect! Thank you for fixing. Could you sent me the bill which is including item names? Because I have to clime expence to Air line company.

Sayako, Toronto

02 February 2019

5 Stars

Briefcase Repair - Just wanted to thank you for the briefcase repair: it was delivered to my office this week, and I had a first look at it today … you did a great job, and it looks better than I had dared to hope. This was one of those experiences that was very positive from beginning to end, and those are very rare. Merry Christmas.

Derek M

23 December 2017
5 Stars: Recommended


I just got my briefcase back today and wanted to thank you – great job!!! I wish I knew about you for all my previous repair jobs!!!!

All the best,


01 May 2015
5 Stars: Recommended

Recently I visited a local business in west Toronto that professionally cleans and repairs all types of purses, handbags and luggage. They are called  Trillium Love Your Purse located at 41 Advance Rd. tel# 416-538-8669
I needed my leather carrying computer case cleaned and redeyed as it was showing its age. They did a great job and charged me only $75.60 plus tax.
Coincidentally I discovered this is where all the Drycleaners in the province of Ontario send their purses, ugg boots and all leather goods for professional cleaning and refinishing. Even my local dry cleaner uses them to clean their stuff.
I did not realize that they were the ones that did such an amazing job on the cleaning and repairs of my Canada Goose coat this past summer. They even replaced the coyote fur collar with a new one as my seat belt had worn out the original collar. Could have saved a lot of money if I took it in to them instead of the local cleaners.
They were so nice that they granted me a tour of this huge facility
Was very impressed!!!
They had a ton of oriental area rugs hanging to dry, drapery, tents, lampshades even stuffed toys and mascots were all for cleaning. I saw hundreds of expensive purses, leathers, foot ware and high end trimmed garments from drycleaners and other individuals from all over Canada. Then they guided me to an area where they had at least a hundred wedding gowns that were cleaned and required pressing. They showed me a Vera Wang gown that had Egyptian cotton hand sewn to cover all the crystals so they wouldn't become damaged during cleaning. Impressive

This place is the best kept secret in Toronto!

Kathy Prepos, Oakville

27 November 2014
5 Stars: Recommended