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Client Testimonials

Below you can read what some of our coustomers have to say about us and our cleaning and repair services.


Thank you for the amazing restoration you did on my Prada bag, Molly. It looks like a stunning, beautiful new bag. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing quality refurbishment of leather goods.

Christine , Toronto

03 January 2021
5 Stars: Recommended

THANK YOU! The Kate Spade purse and Roots boots turned out fantastic – very pleased with the results.It’s unfortunate that nothing could be done to save the Dooney & Bourke bag but my 5 year old is very pleased to have a designer bag – black mark and all 😊 I appreciate your service.

Sarah , Toronto

16 September 2020
4 Stars: Recommended

I just wanted to let you know I am so happy with the work done on my purse. This is one of my 2 favourite purses and it looks as if I bought it yesterday, instead of 15 years ago. Thank you.

Sheila Farrell, Toronto

05 July 2020
5 Stars: Recommended

Hi Kathy, Thank you for everything. It looks great.

Ayn, Toronto

25 June 2020
5 Stars: Recommended

I appreciated everything they had done for me. Tony gave me peace of mind with my forever and favourite Prada purse. I appreciated the hole punches that were done & the accommodation for the other bags I had to. Wow. Brilliant. I loved my time there. Thank you for everything. Life is wonderful because of you all.

Linh Tran, Etobicoke

11 June 2020
5 Stars: Recommended

Hi Kathy,

I hope all is well! I just picked up my VERSACE handbag and it looks great! Thank you for all your assistance!

Akrivi N, Toronto

09 March 2020
5 Stars: Recommended

A massive thank you! The quality of the repair is superior and I could not be happier!

Kathryn T, Toronto

22 February 2020
5 Stars: Recommended

My purse arrived today, 12.26.19. The cost was $254.36. The results were OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Thank you so much!

Karen G, Toronto

26 December 2019
5 Stars: Recommended

Kathy! ,

It looks great! I am so thankful and grateful for the beautiful repairs that were done. I was so excited and happy to see it and be able to use it again. After the holidays I’d love to have it cleaned and was wondering is repairs to small cracks in the resin are possible? I also have a keychain from LV that could use some stitching and TLC. Should I send photos for an estimate?

Thank you again and I will happily refer and recommend your services and send more pieces your way.

Your driver was also very polite, professional and kind. All around exceptional service and quality.

Take good care

Laura R, Ontario

13 November 2019
5 Stars: Recommended

Bought a purse roughly a year ago and the snap from the strap broke, so I thought. Went to have a NEW snap put on. The fabulous staff informed me that it had simply unscrewed and the piece was attached to the main part. They kindly fixed it , without charge and sent me in my way. That act of kindness made my day. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Mary, Mississauga

17 October 2019

5 Stars

Just received my purse back - beautiful job!

Leeann D, Toronto

12 September 2019

5 Stars

I brought my Burberry purse here & everything was 5 star. I 100% felt comfortable leaving my purse to have it cleaned & when I picked it up, I was not disappointed. It looks like how I got it brand new! Highly recommend for all your designers!

Rebecca, Toronto

28 August 2019

5 Stars

LV Purse - Speedy Bucket Review
I received the package this morning. You guys did an excellent job :).Their are beauties.Appreciated all your assistance and help.Please extend our regards to Mr. Tony it was pleasure meeting him :)

Sheryl W, Halifax NS

21 August 2019

5 Stars

Thank you for your excellent service.

David P, Toronto

14 August 2019

I just wanted to let you know that I received the two purses today and they are absolutely perfect! Thank you very much!

Manuela, Toronto

21 June 2019

5 Stars

Kathy took great care of my Fendi Spy bag. The quality of the repair was excellent! Very happy with the workmanship and customer service. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Caroline, Toronto

06 April 2019

5 Stars

So great to meet you guys! Thank you for fixing my favourite purse. We will definitely be back!

Shannon, Toronto

16 March 2019

5 Stars

Second time now that I have used their services. I had my vintage gucci bag that was falling apart rebuilt and the end product looked amazing. Thank you!!

Jennefer Sargent, Waterloo

06 February 2019

5 Stars

I am extremely pleased with their repairs, customer service and delivery. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to refurbish their purse.

Kathy, North York

04 February 2019

5 Stars

Just received my Gucci purse back - it looks great and better yet, it can be used again! Thanks so much for this service!

Deborah Bussey, London

30 January 2019

5 Stars

Finally, I am able to send you a thank you for everything. My daughter sent me an email to Florida, that she finally received her Lancel bag back . She claims the repairs were terrific as was the colour of the lining. A good job!

Mrs. Mintz, Florida

14 December 2018

4 Stars

I went to Love Your Purse becuase there was a nasty spill on a purse strap made by Fendi. A friend recommended this place to me but I had very little hope as Fendi stated they were not able to offer cleaning services... customer service also suggested that I purchase another strap to replace it 😳. This was really disappointing ... so needless to say I was not happy... When I first walked into Love Your Purse I had some hope. It looked like the “real deal” I felt even better when the owner himself came to look at the strap. He asked for my permission to try a few things to salvage the strap. Mind you this strap stunk like food, the material color was altered, the direction of the fibers were off etc. He did not give me false hope but he did seem eager to fix it. He came out and explained to me what he did and I could not believe it. The smell was gone, and he was able to restore it! I don’t know how he did it but I was so speechless. He was such a kind person ... and did not even charge me an arm and a leg for the fix. In fact I really believe that he was just happy to be able to restore something that bad! He also saw how upset I was about this whole ordeal and he felt like he just wanted to make it right for me... (not that he had to - but becuase he knew if anyone could do this - he could) I love finding these hidden gems in the city. This is somewhere I will definitely send any of my designer pieces to. I have true comfort in knowing that I can actually walk into a place like this and have my purses, coats, scarves etc looked after properly. Hands down this is 5 ⭐️

Deborah, Toronto

12 December 2018

5 Stars

My purse just got delivered today! I had the straps replaced and the end product looked amazing. Thank you!

Jennefer Sargent, Waterloo

14 November 2018

5 Stars

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for helping me get my bag fixed. They delivered it back to me on Saturday morning and I am so happy! I've already recommended you guys to two other gals who have bags that need a little TLC. J Thank you thank you thank you!

Kara Manovich, Toronto

05 November 2018

5 Stars

I just picked up my purse and wanted to say how happy I am! Please pass on to your staff for doing such a lovely job! And thank you to you as well!

Crystal Grimoldby, Toronto

19 October 2018

5 Stars

I received my purse this week and I just love it! It was a gift from my mother 25 years ago and has been my favorite bag since. It needed a lot of work and for years I tried to find someone that could restore it. I almost threw it out because I did not think anyone could actually fix the damage. Love Your Purse did better than an excellent job! The customer service was professional from beginning to end. My mother is amazed and now my friends want my bag! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Viviana, Brossard, Quebec

22 September 2018

5 Stars

What a fantastic service this company provides. When the Louis Vuitton store refused to fix my handbag due to its condition, Love My Purse made it look brand new again! I highly recommend them for anything from basic cleaning to extensive repair, they can do anything!

Phylis, Vaughan

20 July 2018

5 Stars

I previously used your service to have my LV bag cleaned & was very impressed.

Laurie A, North York

05 June 2018

4 Stars

Exceptional workmanship. I have a loved Missoni turquoise bag that over time had stains from everyday use. Everyone I spoke to told me there was nothing I could do. Tony fixed it to new-like perfection. I am stunned. He also brought back my small Chanel 15 year old bag back to life. With the excessive cost of designer bags today, rejuvenating and mending with Love Your Purse is well worth the cost.

Sema, Toronto

07 April 2018

5 Stars: Recommended

Just received my purse back that is at least 8 years old and well used it was an expensive purse my husband purchased for me in England i just couldnt part with it well i dont have to now it looks brand new and i am thrilled with the outcome thanks very much

Susan, Inglewood

13 February 2018

5 Stars: Recommended

Oh my god, Tony is a miracle worker. I have an All Saints suede purse, worth more than I have ever spent on a bag before. My husband knocked my latte onto it and it was a complete mess. I was going to throw it away but thought I would try asking if it could be cleaned. Took it to Love Your Leather and they gave it to Tony. Less than 10 minutes later he came out with the purse as good as new, not only was the coffee stain gone from outside and inside the front pocket, but it was clean as new. And no charge!!! Tony is truly a wonder, if you have a problem, do NOT give up on it, take it to the miracle man!! Thank you Tony, you rock!

Lynda Hausman, Woodbridge

12 November 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

This company cleaned my SW and Ugg boots and they look fabulous! I can get great wear of them again for a few more years. Thanks Love Your Purse!

Cindy Wheeler, Toronto

20 July 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Was so impressed with the exceptional service I received from everyone at this company. Excellent, good old-fashioned service at every step. Door-to-door delivery service, quality repair that returned by LV bag to perfect condition and professional staff. Would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks for the great experience!

Ann McConnell, Burlington

14 July 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Excellent service! Went above and beyond to give advice. They fixed my purse quickly and efficiently. Friendly staff!

Amber, Toronto

27 May 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Thanks for your help! You saved my marriage lol. I will check with the boss and see what she wants to do. Have a great day!

Steven, Toronto

30 April 2017

4 Stars

Had a deep nasty scratch on a brand new white leather purse. Got it back after 2 weeks as if nothing happened. Like Magic!

Rota, Toronto

20 April 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Balenciaga wallet cleaning.

I received the Balenciaga wallet, thank you for such wonderful cleaning service. Will be referring you to my friends in the area.

Cheers Ellen

31 March 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Hi Kathy,

I Thanks very much received my purse the other day. Beautiful job on the repairs. Amazing talent to be able to make them - kudos to the team!


18 March 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

I received my purse and am very pleased with the repairs. Thank you very much.


06 March 2017

5 Stars: Recommended

Broken strap!

Thank you so much for fixing my bag! I'm thrilled!! I am so happy that you stand behind your products!

Amazing! Thanks so much!!


28 July 2016

5 Stars: Recommended

I received my handbag today and it looks perfect! Please tell Tony thank you and how grateful I am that he was able to fix it for me. You guys are awesome!

Thanks again,


27 June 2016

5 Stars: Recommended

I recently sent a Marc Jacobs bag for repair. It required a lot of work as it was used extensively and I'm happy to report that it came back looking as good as new. I will definitely use Love Your Purse for future repairs!


03 May 2016
5 Stars: Recommended


I received my purse today and it looks awesome!! Thank you so much for everything.

Awesome job !


20 April 2015
5 Stars: Recommended

Hi Tony,

Just a quick note to say thanks and that my wife loves the Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag that you restored!

Great job !  


16 March 2015
5 Stars: Recommended

Hi Tony,

Just wanted to commend you/your team, for a great job in restoring the metallic silver Salvatore Ferragamo purse!

The client was truly impressed with the outcome:)

Have a good day & thanks once again.


01 February 2015
5 Stars: Recommended

Thank you so much for your incredible service yesterday on my Michael Kors purse.
I want to provide a great recommendation to others, I also used my Facebook page to tell friends about your services and location, and the amazing work you did on my purse.  Thank you again, and you can be sure you will see us again for other drycleaning needs - you have secured us as loyal customers! (In fact, I will be back with some cushions and a down winter jacket within the next couple of weeks).

Have a great day,


20 July 2014
5 Stars: Recommended

I got my babies in the mail last week and THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! Seriously I was shocked that they look so good- they look like they just came off the shelf. I was so excited to get them that I ripped open the box before I even got out of the post office- it ended being good advertising for you because the ladies there were equally as impressed!!


Your work is amazing!!


28 October 2013
5 Stars: Recommended

thanks for the awesome job you did on my Michael Cors bag, I am so thrilled you managed to restore it perfectly!!!!! May have to send you some more!

Kim Cohen

11 April 2013
5 Stars: Recommended

Thanks Tony for getting the pen marks off the very expensive Louis Vuitton purse and wallet I borrowed. You really saved me – I didn't think it was possible but you did it!


14 December 2012
5 Stars: Recommended

I was highly impressed with Tony and his team at Love your Purse.  During renovations, my beloved designer purse was stained with latex paint, and I thought it was ruined.  I took a quick photo, sent it to Tony, and he came back right away with an estimate and a very reassuring "It is routine work for us - no problem". And he was right!  After dropping my purse off at their conveniently located, clean and modern factory, my purse is like new, and there is absolutely no trace of the big paint smear across the front.  His team worked quickly and thoroughly, providing such an outstanding result.  Thank you for your attention to detail and professionalism - you can be sure that I will be using Love your Leather and Trillium services for all of my specialized dry-cleaning needs from now on, from leather to drapery to rugs and delicate garments.  

What a pleasant experience!" 

Sarah, Toronto

13 June 2012
5 Stars: Recommended

Just got my Givenchy back in the mail today and it looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much for fixing it!! You can't even tell!!I'll definitely refer you! My 'purse separation anxiety' is now over. LOL



26 Januray 2012
5 Stars: Recommended