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Hat Cleaning Toronto & Greater Toronto Area

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Professional Hat Cleaners

We clean all types of hats from Prada and Louis Vuitton to baseball hat cleaning. We have been cleaning hats since 1987 and currently we are Canada's largest and most trusted hat cleaners.

how hat cleaning works Hat Cleaning Shipping Toronto Ship to us via any shipping carrier and we'll get your hat showroom ready for shipping within 14 days. All hat cleaning is done in our state-of-the-art facility in Toronto by experienced technicians.
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Specializing in Hat Cleaning Including

  • Baseball hat cleaning
  • Suede hat cleaning
  • Felt hat cleaning
  • Top hat cleaning
  • Cowboy hat cleaning
  • All type of hat cleaning & restoration
  • Eco-friendly hat cleaning

Serving Canada

We serve all people living in Canada. All you have to do is ship your hat to our hat cleaning facility in Toronto Ontario Canada and we will clean it and ship it back to you within 14 days. Shipping Details. Serving the following areas: Toronto hat cleaning, Mississauga hat cleaning, hat cleaning Canada, hat cleaning London ON, hat cleaning Ottawa, hat cleaning Vancouver and any other city or province in Canada.

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